Positions and Courses:

Assistant Professor, University of Kansas (2018 - Present)

Introduction to Public Policy

Methods of Inquiry

Assistant Professor, Appalachian State University (2015 - 2018)

American National Government and Politics

Public Opinion

Political Psychology​

Voting, Campaigns, and Elections

Surveys and Experiments
Political Behavior (Graduate)

Adjunct Instructor, Metropolitan Community College, Kansas City, MO.
Introduction to American Government (June 2011 to July 2011) 

Teaching and Research Advisor, University of Kansas
McNair Scholars Program (May 2011 to August 2011)
        Upward Bound (May 2011 to August 2011)

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Political Science, University of Kansas
Methods of Inquiry (Fall 2010 and Spring 2011)
Introduction to U.S. Politics (Fall 2009 and Spring 2010)